Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jan 15th – Back in the Pool

After our paddle pool caused our courtyard to flood (someone put it over the drain!!) we packed it away for a while. The weather was pretty miserable, so we didn’t miss it much.

As the weather has improved, we have found another place to put our pool and the boys have started to play in it again…… naked of course!

In the photos below, Ethan is dancing and being silly in the pool. He’s a funny boy… tn_IMG_8219 tn_IMG_8237 tn_IMG_8238 tn_IMG_8240 tn_IMG_8241 tn_IMG_8243 tn_IMG_8244 tn_IMG_8249

And of course….. Ben is eating….. Ben is always eating at the moment!

tn_IMG_8210 tn_IMG_8211 tn_IMG_8212

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