Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4th Jan – Nannas house

It was forecast to be in the mid 30’s today and manage to reach 38C (100F). Tracie and I both had the day off (a rare event as we usually work 7 days a week between the two of us). We decided to head to Nanna’s house as she is not working today either. We had a fantastic day hanging out, and swimming in her pool.

Ben in the ring. He enjoyed it, and swam all over the pool by himself in the ring. Last summer both boys were scared of the water and going underwater and hated that very same ring. We have come a long way :) tn_IMG_7898

Ethan loved the ring today too :) It makes me so happy that they are comfortable in the water this year.


Today we enjoyed playing a game with the crocodile. Ethan rides it up to an “unsuspecting” Mummy to try and get her…tn_IMG_7887 tn_IMG_7889

Mummy gets surprised…tn_IMG_7890

and attackstn_IMG_7891

and knocks him offtn_IMG_7892  

And then Ethan sneaks up on that poor “unsuspecting” Mummy again…tn_IMG_7904 tn_IMG_7905

Attack again!tn_IMG_7907

Ben joins the game…tn_IMG_7914

So Mummy knocks them both off!tn_IMG_7915

Smiley Ben thinks it’s a great game.tn_IMG_7918 tn_IMG_7920

Poor Mummy is getting attacked by a crocodile again!tn_IMG_7923

Knock him off again…tn_IMG_7924 tn_IMG_7928

Attack Mummy againtn_IMG_7929

Knock him off again (get the idea…… boys love to play their games again and again!!!)tn_IMG_7930

Ethan’s turn to get that Mummytn_IMG_7932 

Push him away too!!tn_IMG_7934 tn_IMG_7938 

The games in the pool were great fun. It’s so nice now that the boys are that little bit older that we can enjoy times like this.tn_IMG_7896

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M.D.Esquare said...

Looks like so much fun. Cant wait until our weather warms up. :)