Sunday, January 8, 2012

8th Jan - Boys room redecorating

Today we were out shopping and we came across these Robot room stickers and decided it was time to redo the boys room. The boys have been interested in Robots for about a year. The have talked about the and played games where they are robots, They even  asked Santa for a robot. Ethan would love a real robot that walks and talks and he can tell them what to do (boss around). When we found the stickers we thought it was time for a change.We also moved the beds back to one on each side of the room so they could have a bedside table now the are getting older. They love having a draw of their own to put their own stuff in.

Here is Ethan’s bed with the new sticker’s above. He decided to keep his bed on this wall and move Ben’s bed.

tn_IMG_7952  tn_IMG_7962 

Ethan trying out his new bed position. (Moved into the centre of the wall)tn_IMG_7967 tn_IMG_7968

Here Ethan is explaining to Ben about the draw because we had  already put some of his things in the draw near his bed.tn_IMG_7965

It is a difficult decision for 3 1/2 year old boys to decide what goes in the draw.tn_IMG_7969

Ben decided his bear could sit onto and read a book. His torch, blankie, and Charley bear went into the draw. Snow bear and more books went down the bottom. After trying unsuccessfully to fit his pillow in the draw he decided that was enough.tn_IMG_7974

Ethan and his table with his bear and books on top.tn_IMG_7977

Their bedroom now looks like this from the door. tn_IMG_7979 We will see how this new arrangement goes. Ben is now close to the door and the fan/light switch. They are getting more grown up every day and time is passing us by very quickly. My babies are growing up.


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