Thursday, January 26, 2012

22nd Jan – Birthday Celebrations

We went to Nanna’s house to celebrate Nanna’s birthday.   Aunty Shell, Uncle Michael, Tracie and I made lunch….tn_IMG_8328 tn_IMG_8330

With a little help from boys…tn_IMG_8327

But mostly the boys played on Sal’s old skateboard that they found in Nanna’s garage.tn_IMG_8338   tn_IMG_8358 tn_IMG_8368 tn_IMG_8370 tn_IMG_8371 tn_IMG_8376 tn_IMG_8380

Then they started flying on it!tn_IMG_8386 tn_IMG_8391 tn_IMG_8398 tn_IMG_8404 And Uncle Michael had a turn tootn_IMG_8325

And Nanna’s puppies watched from the window.tn_IMG_8355

Aunty Shell made a cake, and bought some lollies (candy) to decorate it. As planned, she let the boys decorate it in their own “abstract” way! It was a free-for-all decoration style that looked just perfect!

Ben was very proud of the cake he made.tn_IMG_8407 tn_IMG_8408 tn_IMG_8411 tn_IMG_8412 tn_IMG_8415

Happy Birthday Nanna!

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