Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun Day Out

Back in January 2011 we took a day trip to the park. We went on the train to a different suburb, about 15min train ride. Ben and Ethan LOVE trains, and had a great time on the train.

Tracie and Ben waiting for the train.tn_IMG_4186

Ethan waiting for the train.tn_IMG_4188 tn_IMG_4190

Ben and Ethan playing shop at the parktn_IMG_4192 tn_IMG_4195

Ethantn_IMG_4199 tn_IMG_4200



Riding the boat togethertn_IMG_4223


Then we went to feed the ducks…. Here they come. Can they smell the bread?!?!?!tn_IMG_4229

There were HUNDREDS of ducks. We felt a little swarmed. The boys coped well.tn_IMG_4237 tn_IMG_4238 tn_IMG_4243 tn_IMG_4245 tn_IMG_4246 tn_IMG_4259 tn_IMG_4264 tn_IMG_4266

It was a great fun day.

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