Sunday, May 29, 2011


We did a little bit of gardening the other day. The boys had a great time digging in the dirt and planting the flowers. In the next few photos we are planting some pansies.tn_IMG_5280 tn_IMG_5284 tn_IMG_5286 tn_IMG_5289 tn_IMG_5290 tn_IMG_5291 tn_IMG_5305

My gorgeous Ethan, ready to plant a blueberry bush. tn_IMG_5295 tn_IMG_5296 tn_IMG_5299 tn_IMG_5300 tn_IMG_5304 

Ben and Ethan LOVE blueberries, so we are defiantly looking forward to spring and hopefully some blueberries on our new blueberry bush :))


M.D.Esquare said...

Love the new planters. And looks like you found some pretty good helpers.

Mom of Twins! said...

I love that you are planting with them!! I haven't tried it more from lack of patience!! How do you do it!!