Thursday, May 26, 2011

Riding Bikes

Ben and Ethan love riding their tricycles. They ride them in the house on a daily basis. Sometimes we go out for bike rides too.

Tracie and Ethan exploring a new path. Unfortunately it didn’t lead anywhere interesting…. but we did get to have a look at the river.tn_IMG_4284 Ethan (wearing a red shirt and hat in the following photos)tn_IMG_4285Tracie and Ben (wearing a blue hat and grey shirt) have a look in the river. We saw some tadpoles! tn_IMG_4291 tn_IMG_4295 tn_IMG_4298 Next stop, a bike park. But before our ride, time for a cupcake snack.tn_IMG_4303 tn_IMG_4306 tn_IMG_4310 tn_IMG_4322 tn_IMG_4333 tn_IMG_4341 tn_IMG_4344 tn_IMG_4362 tn_IMG_4364 tn_IMG_4365 tn_IMG_4368 tn_IMG_4372 tn_IMG_4377 tn_IMG_4391

Unfortunately I did not notice my aperture was set to about 32 on this day (worked it out after about 30mins and 50photos). For those who know anything about cameras, you will know that’s a setting for scenery, not fast moving toddlers :( It results in a slower shutter speed and HEAPS of my great shots were blurry. I still like this shot, I think the blur adds something to the shot!tn_IMG_4396

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