Thursday, May 19, 2011

Slack blogging

I am terribly slack at blogging at the moment, sorry to my regular readers.
I think the time is coming to buy a laptop.. Sooner rather than later. It's too cold in the study to use the desktop, and I can't get my good pictures uploaded with my iPhone. We need a laptop! (tax return time soon, yay!)

Ok, here's a couple of small updates.

Ben is sick this week. Had a temp Sunday & Monday. Now has a runny nose, sounds congested, has developed a cough yesterday and is behaving terribly.... Typical sick toddler .... short tempered and irritable. Not fun.
Ethan seems to be fighting it off. He got sick for one day, but seems better now.
I am surprised they have gone 2 months without getting sick. (last sickness was hand foot & mouth in early march) that's pretty amazing, considering they started day care 7weeks ago.

Speaking of school, they are going well. Ethan loves it and runs in happily. Ben started crying on about the 4th week and is slowly improving. Last week was only a little bit of tears. His teachers say he settles quickly and enjoys his day once we leave. When we pick them up, they are having fun and happily recount their day. I am not sure if they will go tomorrow due to illness.

Swimming lessons, kindergym and twins playgroup continue to be popular activities that the boys look forward to attending each week.

On a totally different topic, yesterday I was sitting on the couch watching the boys play. Ethan comes up, says "i wonder what time it is" and looks up at the clock on the wall above the couch. He says "the little hand is on the 3 and the big hand is pointing straight up"
I looked and was very surprised to see he was right. I told him he was right, and asked him
What the time was. He replied "three".
Total fluke I reckon, but I was very impressed anyway. Even if he guessed parts of it, the idea that you read the time on a clock by looking at the position of the hands is very clever. He sees it on tv.... I'm glad something useful comes from the idiot box! Haha!

Things the boys are into:
Thomas trains
Hungry hippos game
Ele-fun game
Mickey mouse clubhouse toys
Various cars and trucks on different days
Guitars and pianos to make music
Reading books.

Bens (and ethans) favorite bed time book is:
Lost and found, by Oliver Jeffers..
it is a cute tale of a boy who comes across a penguin he thinks is lost. He tries to find who lost him, and eventually takes the penguin back to the south pole. After leaving the sad penguin at the south pole, he realizes the penguin wasn't lost, he was just lonely and looking for a friend. He finds him again and they are friends. Happy ending.
I recently discovered this book was made into an award winning short film (30mins) and after some searching I have ordered it from eBay as a surprise for the boys. It should come next week :))

Ethan likes - incy wincy spider by Katie Toms.
This starts out like the traditional rhyme, but then goes on to ask why does incy want to climb the spout? Because his web is at the top. Incy then tries other ways of getting to the top, but none work until he works out he can climb up the outside of the drain pipe. It's a very cute rhyming book that is great to read.

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M.D.Esquare said...

Well i was just about to email you that i needed to see/hear what's been going on. :) Great post! I agree about your "idiot box" comment... i feel the same way, just when i think it's a terrible habit for us, he surprises me with something he's learned from it. :) Glad to hear all is well yet i hope everyone feels better soon! Big Hugs! (as Ev calls them) :-) -M

Mom of twins! said...

Sorry to hear that they got sick, its so hard when they are sick!!!
Thanks for posting what they like and are into, I may get those books because I never heard of the first one! Seems like our kids are into the same things!! Too funny!
Hope they are feeling better and cough goes away fast. Jody